Manchester United 2021-22 Season Review :Player Rating Part.2

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Hi I’m Masa United.

21-22 Season Review This time, I will independently evaluate the remaining 17 players as part 2 of the player evaluation(out of 10 points). Scores are not given to players with extremely low playing time. Players who moved on loan midway through the season appreciate United’s play alone. Also, please note that the results for rental and academy teams are not eligible. United’s top teams only.

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At the end of the player evaluation, I will announce our own MVP!

The 17 members of Part 2 are here!

👿21-22 Player Rating Part.2

(19) Donny van de Beek

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Appearances: 14 matches (PL8)
Playing time: 380 minutes
Tackles: 3.87/90 minutes(1st on the team)

In his second season at United, he made just 14 appearances before moving on loan to Everton in the winter. Hewas often used in positions where there wasn’t enough players, but he couldn’t gain the trust of the coach and his playing time didn’t improve. Solskjaer’s last goal against Watford was impressive.

(20) Juan Mata

Appearances: 12 matches (7 PL)
Playing time: 409 minutes
Final third pass successful: 6.22/90 mins (3rd place on the team)

Mata will also be leaving United at the end of this season. Mata is skilled in technique and adept at linking midfield and forward, but he didn’t make a start in the Premie-League until matchday 32. He made his presence felt at the end against Chelsea on matchday 37 and Brentford on matchday 35, but he could have used it more… To the impression that.

(21) Zidane Iqbal

Appearances: 1 Match (PL0)
Playing Time: 1 Minute

The 19-year-old Iqbal made his senior debut against CL Young Boys on December 8. It was only a minute, but it was an unforgettable moment. I have high hopes for his future growth.

(22) Charlie Savage

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Appearances: 1 Match (PL0)
Playing Time: 1 Minute

He made his senior debut with Iqbal against Young Boys. Robbie Savage’s son was also benched in the final Premier League match against Palace.

(23) Jadon Sancho

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Appearances: 38 matches (29 PL)
Playing time: 2482 minutes
Successful dribble: 57 (1st on the team)

Sancho joined from Dortmund with much fanfare. At the beginning of the season, he took time to get used to the premiere-League of the first challenge, but gradually Sancho showed his ability. In February, he recorded two goals and three assists in six games. He also scored a goal against City to lead the attacking line-up. Sancho became indispensable. He missed the last four games due to ill health due to tonsils. Contributed to the team’s stalling.

(24) Marcus Rashford

Appearances: 32 matches (25 PL)
Playing time: 1657 minutes
Dribble attempts: 59 (3rd place on the team)

Rashford missed the season start with shoulder surgery. He was expected to make the leap as an ace, but at the end of the season, he had a poor performance with five goals and two assists. He lost his position to Elanga. He was also used in the right and left wings and at the top, but there was no sign of improvement in the issues. Next season will be a real test.

(25) Mason Greenwood

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Appearances: 24 matches (18 PL)
Playing Time: 1700 minutes
Shoots: 3.08/90 mins (2nd place on the team)

Greenwood had high hopes for a full-fledged break this season. He exhaled as he scored in three consecutive games from the season start. He was affected in part by the addition of Ronaldo, but he also showed growth as a right winger and was expected towards the second half of the season. However, at the end of January, he filed a private incident and his registration was canceled. He influenced the team and ruined his own career.

(26) Jesse Lingard

Appearances: 22 matches (16 PL)
Playing Time: 548 mins
Press: 26.3/90 mins(Team 1st)

Lingard also left United at the end of the season. He was blocked from transfer by Solskjaer before the start of the season, but ended up only playing 548 minutes. There is no doubt that he was blocked from making transfers in the winter transfer market and had a distrust of the club. The highlight was the dramatic score over the Hammers on matchday 5.

(27) Cristiano Ronaldo

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Appearances: 39 matches (30 PL)
Playing Time: 3221 mins
Goal: 24 (1st on the team)

No.7 returned to United for the first time in 12 years. He scored twice against Newcastle and scored in five consecutive CL matches. On the other hand, he was also a difficult player to manage and caused controversy many times. With Rangnick as manager his performance declined due to poor condition, but after his injury healed, he scored hat-tricks against Spurs and Norwich. Hats off to the 37-year-old, who shined in the worst of the team.

(28) Anthony Elanga

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Appearances: 27 matches (21 PL)
Playing Time: 1446 mins
Expected Goal: 0.26/90 mins (3rd place on the team)

The 20-year-old Elanga is in his break season. He pushed Rashford away especially after coming Rangnick and became a regular on the right wing. His natural impetus and dedicated press earned him a high reputation. There were some memorable goals, such as away goals against Atletico and Leeds. Elanga’s break, which has been hard work, including being the first to show up in training before anyone else, has become a bright topic.

(29) Edinson Cavani

Appearances: 20 matches (15 PL)
Playing Time: 910 mins
Goal Expectation: 0.38/90 mins(2nd place on the team)

Cavani extended his contract last season at the behest of the fans, but was affected by Ronaldo’s arrival. However, the fact that his own condition was not well prepared also had a major factors. Still, in the matches he played, his dedication was alive and well and he was able to show a high level of professionalism. The goal against Spurs on matchday 10 left an impression on me, including the performance.

(30) Anthony Martial

Appearances: 11 games (8 PL)
Playing time: 367 minutes of
Dribble attempts: 3.87/90 minutes(2nd place on the team)

Martial, which dragged on last season’s slump . He scored a goal against Everton on matchday 5, but his playing time did not increase after that and he moved to Sevilla on loan on a winter transfer. I won’t be counting on this period’s ratings, but Sevilla have only one goal in the Europa League. There is no doubt that the technique is high, but I have the impression that he is hitting a wall. I don’t know where he is going to play next season, but I’m sure he will have to change something.

(31) Alejandro Garnacho

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Appearances: 2 Matches (2 PL)
Playing Time: 11 mins

He was benched for the first team against Norwich on matchday33 and made his senior debut against Chelsea on matchday 37. The 17-year-old Garnacho also played 11 minutes in the final match against Palace. Not ready to play for a top team yet, but his talent is also outstanding at the academy level. It’s been a very fruitful season for Garnacho, but the important thing is yet to come.

(32) Hannibal Mejbri

Appearances: 2 Matches (2 PL)
Playing Time: 68 mins

He was benched for the first team against the Saints on matchday 25. He got playing time against Liverpool on matchday 30 and against Palace in the final matchday. In both matches, he showed a rough temper to play against the opposing players. It’s not something to be praised and he need to improve, but to be able to show such a personality without being afraid to be in the top team shows the peculiarity of Hannibal… I can say that.

(33) Shola Shoretire

Appearances: 2 matches (1PL)
Playing time: 37 minutes

He played 22 minutes at home against Young Boys and was benched for the first team against Chelsea on matchday 37. Shoretire played 15 minutes in the final match. He made his senior debut with Solskjaer last season, but after that he didn’t get many chances. Although he has a mature personality, his natural ball technique is kept as it is, and his body that has increased strength is proof that he is working his training. Looking forward to the future.

(34) Daniel James

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Appearances: 2 Matches (2 PL)
Playing Time: 128 mins

James moved to Leeds at the end of matchday 3 following Sancho’s arrival. In the opening game against Leeds, he actively tried to jump out to the back and contributed in the press. Given United’s lack of strength this season, James could have been a valuable force…I feel that way.

(35) Amad Diallo

Appearancea: 1 Match (PL0)
Playing Time: 68 min.

Before the season started, a loan move to Feyenoord was almost certain, but just before the end of summer transfer he injured his thigh and decided to stay with United. He didn’t get a chance to play after his injury healed, only playing 68 minutes at home against the Young Boys. He joined Rangers on a winter transfer. He didn’t perform as well as expected with the Rangers, but he did win the Scottish Cup. I hope to use this as a source of sustenance to grow next season.

👿 Conclusion

I evaluated the rental team and the academy group mainly on the attacking lineup. As for the attacking line-up, especially since becoming Rangnick, the lack of scoring ability has been remarkable, and there are not many players who have improved their reputation. Among them, I would like to evaluate the two new additions of Ronaldo and Sancho and the rise of Elanga.

The rental group left the team looking for an opportunity to play, but I have the impression that there are no players who have been evaluated at the transfer destination. This will also be watched for theire departure next season. Many of the academy players made their top team debuts due in part to the CL home match against Young Boys, which was decided to move on a next round, and due to a string of departures at the end of the season. This is a bright topic and I can appreciate that it has kept United’s heritage alive.

This concludes the evaluation of the 35 players who played in the official matches of the 21-22 season. In terms of ratings, Ronaldo leads the way with 9 points. It is followed by Fred, Sancho, Elanga and De Gea.

Let’s announce the MVP of the Manchester United University 21-22 season!

The MVP is…

Cristiano Ronaldo!


The arrival of Ronaldo certainly upset the balance of the team. However, it should be commended that Ronaldo alone scored 24 goals, or 34% of the team’s total of 70 goals. It is worth noting that under Rangnick, he has twice scored a hat-trick while suffering from severe offensive dysfunction. On the other hand, when We think about it as a team, we should not welcome the situation where we have to rely so much on Ronaldo, and I think it was Ronaldo who lamented United’s slump the most. I would like to commend Ronaldo for his stoic and professional fighting under such circumstances.

Thank you for reading until the end!