Manchester United 2021-22 Season Review :Player Rating Part.1

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Hi I’m Masa United.

This time, I will deliver the player rating as the second part of the 21-22 season review!Independent assessment of their respective performances this season.

In the 21-22 season, United used a total of 35 players. Since there are many, this time I will evaluate 18 players as part 1. Players whose playing time is extremely short are not scored.

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The 18 players this time are as follows!

👿21-22 Season Player Rating Part.1

(1) David de Gea

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Appearances 46 matches (38 PL)
Playing time 4140 minutes
Saves 124 (3rd place in the PL)
Rating 7

I appreciate the big improvement from last season’s performance. De Gea would have been close to the best performance in his personal view. He played in all league matches. His league save percentage is 69.5%. 124 saves. In January, he won the Premier Player of the Month award for the first time in his career. However, his playing style is not good enough, and I have not been able to dispel our anxiety about next season.

(2) Dean Henderson

Appearances 3 matches (PL0)
Playing time 278 minutes
Rating 2

He withdrew due to injury and corona before the start of the season. In the meantime, he was regained the position by De Gea and made only three appearances this season. The early elimination of the EFL cup competition was also a factor, but it was a season in which he were treated unfairly even considering the difference in ability with De Gea. Henderson will leave the club next season, including on loan.

(3) Tom Heaton

Appearances 1 Match (PL0)
Playing Time 22 mins
Rating NA

He played only 22 minutes in the Champions League at home against Young Boys. he performed well in the pre-season, so I think he would have been nice to have played a little more. It has also been reported that he could be second keeper next season.

(4) Harry Maguire

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Appearances 37 games (30 PL)
Playing time 3769 minutes
Interceptions 51 (1st on the team)
Ratings 4

In a season that has greatly lowered its reputation from the high performance until last season. Speed, physicality, judgment and leadership were all not at the required level. There are some things that are pulled by the team state, but in a season where most of the negative topics were discussed, such as slander, criticism, and even intimidation. Maguire’s comeback will be key to next season’s defense, so I hope the off-season will be a good refresher.

(5) Victor Lindelof

Appearances 35 games (28 PL)
Playing time 2960 minutes
Pass success rate 89.9% (2nd on the team)
Rating 6

Before the start of the season, it was thought that his playing time would decrease due to the addition of Varane, but by the end of the season, he played in 35 games. It was a performance that was neither possible nor impossible, but he scored an assist against Leeds in the opening game and Leicester on matchday 8. Lindelof worked well enough as a back-upper.

(6) Rafael Varane

Appearances 29 matches (22 PL)
Playing time 2361 minutes
Pass success rate 90.0% (1st on the team)
Rating 6

The new signing Varane looked to be the linchpin of the defence with a solid performance, but his performance gradually declined after leaving due to injury. It was a season that left us somewhat frustrated with the lack of aggressiveness and the narrowness of coverage. As for Varane, he have also been affected by the state of the team, so I hope to see him improve next season.

(7) Eric Bailly

Appearances 7 games (4 PL)
Playing time 487 minutes
Interception 3.33/90 minutes (1st on the team)
Rating 3

Bailly has appeared in just seven games this season. He extended his contract before the season, but was treated poorly by coaches Solskjaer and Rangnick. It was a decent performance in the matches he participated in, but I also felt that he became a little dissatisfied at the end.

(8) Phil Jones

Appearances 5 matches (PL4)
Playing time 191 minutes
Pass success rate 89.9% (2nd place on the team)
Rating 5

Wolves on matchday 21, his first return to the game after a long absence, showed his spirit. He only played in five matches, but his professional attitude was highly regarded by his teammates. He is the oldest with De Gea, but his departure for next season has not yet been decided.

(9) Teden Mengi

Appearances 1 match (PL0)
Playing time 29 minutes
Rating NA

He played 29 minutes at home against Young Boys. He moved on loan to Birmingham on a winter transfer but made few appearances in the second half. Mengi had high expectations, but his playing time was too short and his growth had stopped.

(10) Diogo Dalot

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Appearances 30 matches (24 PL)
Playing Time 2329 minutes
Crosses 46 (3rd on the team)
Rating 6

From a half-conceptual position, he became a regular at right-back with the appointment of Rangnick. He raised his presence with his aggressive progress and build-up contributions that took advantage of the ability to use both feet. However, in the second half, there were occasions when the accuracy of the cross and the lightness of the defense were noticeable. I have a feeling that next season will be a crucial moment.

(11) Luke Shaw

Appearances 27 matches (20 PLs)
Playing time 2211 minutes
Key passes 39 (3rd on the team)
Rating 6

A season plagued by conditions. Shaw was an MVP-level performer last season, but injuries and concussions prevented him from playing as well as he would have liked. Against Everton, he hurt an old leg injury and went to surgery. He only played 20 games in the Premier-League, but his key pass count is still admirable, third on the team. If Shaw had continued to attend matches, the team’s results might have been different.

(12) Alex Telles

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Appearances 26 matches (21 PL)
Playing time 2025 minutes
Crosses 63 (2nd on the team)
Rating 4

At the same time as Shaw’s departure, Telles became a regular at left-back from the back upper. His emotional play and four assists in the Premier-League can be appreciated, but his lack of strength was evident in defence with the match against Arsenal on matchday 34. Even with positioning and one-on-one, the lack of level is serious.

(13) Aaron Wan – Bissaka

Appearances 26 games (20 PL)
Playing time 2213 mins
Tackle and Interception 97 (4th on the team)
Ratings 4

Wan-Bissaka who lost his regular position in place of Rangnick from Solskjaer. The defensive-minded Wan-bissaka couldn’t match Rangnick’s style, which wanted the full-backs to take up a high position. Still, he showed some use for the left-wing-back against Liverpool. However, there are also reports of his departure next season.

(14) Bruno Fernandes

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Appearances 46 matches (36 PL)
Playing Time 3861 mins
Chance Create 109 times (1st place in the PL)
Rating 7

Bruno looks like he’s dropped from last season’s high performance. Both the goal and the assist are about half of last season, but the number of chance-making 109 is the highest in the Premier-League. It can be said that the team itself suffered from a serious lack of scoring ability. However, with the dysfunctional false number 9 and the penalty failed against Arsenal on matchday 34, I have a strong impression that He couldn’t perform well when he wanted to. Bruno has extended his contract until 2026. I look forward to his comeback next season.

(15) Scott McTominay

Appearances 37 games (30 PL)
Playing time 3001 minutes
Tackles 69 (1st on the team)
Rating 5

McTominay played in 35 games, fourth on the team. He served as an anchor in the 4-3-3 and seemed to have broadened the range of play, but when you look at the overall impression that there was a wave in the performance and the lack of contributions in the build-up and the lack of creative play, it was a negative growth. The highlight was the goal against Burnley on matchday 20. In this match, he performed as he should in the No. 8 position.

(16) Fred

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Appearances 36 matches (28 PL)
Playing Time 2594 mins
Goal and assists 4G5A
Rating 8

This season was Fred’s best season since joining United. Especially after the Rangnick regime with an increase in the number-8 pick, the high performance was conspicuous. His total of four goals and five assists is admirable. Fred works the hardest on the team and is popular with his teammates. It made me feel the growth. In the game against Leeds, he scored both at home and away.

(17) Nemanja Matic

Appearances 32 matches (23 PL)
Playing Time 1666 mins
Assists 4 (PL)
Ratings 7

Matic left after this season. Even in the midst of difficult team situations, he showed a high level of professionalism like a veteran. Although there were some fluctuations in the performances, in the matches against Spurs on matchday 10 and Chelsea on matchday 37, he showed his duel strength, build-up contribution, and sharp wedge passing.

(18) Paul Pogba

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Appearances 27 matches (20 PL)
Playing time 1782 mins
Assists 9 (PL)
Rating 6

Pogba is leaving at the end of the season. This season was like a roller coaster for Pobga. Pogba produced a lot of assists from the start, but when he was sent off against Liverpool on matchday 9, he suffered an injury and withdrew from the match against Hammers on matchday 23. From matchday 34, he withdrew again due to a calf injury. Unsteady use and boos from supporters exposed his limitations at United. Still, he has a team-leading nine assists in league assists.

👿 Conclusion

Mainly evaluated players in the 3.4.5th row. The team broke the record for the worst goals conceded, so there were not many players with high rating, but De Gea, Fred and Bruno were among them who maintained their performance relatively constantly. I think the evolution of Fred in particular was one of the few bright spots.

The defensive line has been underrated across the board, but it was an interesting phenomenon, especially at the side-backs, where the players who were heavily used by Solskjaer and Rangnick were different. Personally, though, I’m sorry about his absence due to injury… If only shaw had been in the game, the team’s performance might have been a little better… I think.

In the next Part 2, I will evaluate the remaining 17 people!

Thank you for reading until the end!