2022-23PL Matchday 5:Leicester City vs Manchester United Player Rating and Summary!

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Hi I’m Masa United.

United face Leicester City away from home in the 22-23 Premier League Matchday 5 at King Power Stadium. United opened the scoring in the 23rd minute with a goal from Sancho. After that, both sides were unable to create decisive scenes and ended the first half with a 1-0 lead. Going into the second half, Leicester, who had moved up a gear, continued to attack inside the United box. Pressed on, United brought on Casemiro in the 59th minute to increase their defensive intensity. Wanting more extras, United sent Ronaldo onto the pitch. There were moments when Ronaldo came close to scoring but couldn’t score. The match was 1-0 and United scored three valuable points.

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This time, we will deliver the player rating and summary of this match. Please understand that player evaluations are conducted based on dogma and prejudice (lol).

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👿 Lineup

22-23PL5 Leicester vs United Lineup

👿 Player Ratings


(1) David de Gea: 7/10

In the 51st minute, Madison’s brilliant save was a fine save. They contributed to a two-game clean sheet that didn’t tie the game. De Gea has been obsessed with kicking long balls in build-up situations in the last two matches, but in the game against Leicester he is also trying to reconnect. Leicester’s high press strength was weak, but he was able to control where he kicked depending on the situation.

(2) Raphael Varane: 8/10

Varane also led the backline as defensive leader against Leicester. While responding calmly, he also showed a defense that would crush violently if necessary. Recorded a 75% aerial duel won rate and a 100% ground duel winning percentage. The duo with Martinez has become more mature, and some say it’s the best duo in the last 10 years.

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(3) Lisandro Martinez: 7/10

Martinez, who won his second consecutive MOTM title, also put in a passionate performance against Leicester. I received Vardy’s physical contact relentlessly, but I was not afraid to respond. We also worked well with Varane and contributed to the clean sheet. The occasional direct wedge pass is effective. The build-up contribution is also high.

(4) Diogo Dalot: 8/10

Dalot against Leicester also put in the same spirited performance as in the previous two races. He also contributed to the attack through aggressive overlaps, such as a pass to Bruno, the starting point of the goal, and a cross that led to Ronaldo’s bicycle shot. Solid one-on-one with Barnes. He recorded a team-high 13 ball recovery times and a team-high six tackles. We got a yellow for our imprudent play, but the solidity of our defence is definitely increasing.

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(5) Tyrell: Malasia: 6/10

Despite being a first-time Premier League, Malasia is a regular with great concentration and plenty of athleticism. We played solidly against Leicester without any major mistakes. Madison, Thielemans, Dewsbury-Hall, Justin and the markers were all in a different situation, but they responded calmly. The attacking side also showed its presence by adding thickness with overlap and underwrap. However, their play in the final third lacked accuracy.

(6) Scott McTominay: 6/10

McTominay was a two-game starter in a row. He also played as a right defensive midfielder against Leicester. McTominay, who focused on balancing in midfield, scored the most numbers in both ground and aerial duels. His ball recovery also marked the team’s third-best eighth inning and shone brightly in his usual interpersonal defence. As the second half progressed, we were pushed around a lot, but we responded tenaciously.

(7) Christian Eriksen: 7/10

Eriksen plays an important role in terms of ball progressive. He also played for DMF against Leicester, but his 59 passes were the most by the team. His touch of the ball also served as the team’s third-best in the 69th inning, and he and Bruno switched on offense. But I couldn’t do a definitive job. He also missed a shot from a good position in the 11th minute.

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(8) Bruno Fernandez: 8/10

Bruno seems to have become more aware of himself as a captain. He scored the goal in the previous match, but he also put in a great performance in attack against Leicester. Recorded three key passes. He also made passes to Rashford that led to Sancho’s goal. What was particularly impressive was that when Ronaldo came on in the 68th minute, Bruno, who moved into the right flank position, became the starting point of the attack and created chances. It was because there was space in Leicester that was hanging in front, but I think the movement from the centre to the side was effective.

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(9) Anthony Elanga: 5/10

He continues to be a starter, but to be honest, he rarely plays effectively. The first touch tends to be disturbed, and you can see scenes where you lose the ball immediately under the pressure of the opponent. If there is space, such as when countering, Elanga can take advantage of his speed, but the current situation is that he lacks the accuracy of play after holding the ball. With Antony in the game, it will be difficult to get a place in the starting lineup. He was replaced by Casemiro in the 59th minute.

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(10) Jadon Sancho: 7/10

Sancho scored a goal worth a thousand dollars. It was a goal typical of Sancho that calmly swept the keeper away. Sancho was also selected as the MOTM for this match, but he couldn’t create any other places to show than the goal scene. It lacked sharpness and had the impression that the number of sprints was small. The press is also quite loose, and I have the impression that I am saving somehow. Sancho left the pitch in the 68th minute in anticipation of the match against Arsenal, but has been down in the middle of every match.

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(11) Marcus Rashford: 5/10

Rashford also played a lot of time as a centre-forward against Leicester. He assists on Sancho’s goal. Rashford, who has been instructed to improve his post play as the No. 9, certainly showed a lot of one-touch play. However, his play when he had the ball lacked precision, and he didn’t smell like “scoring a goal” at all, which is important as No. 9 (lol). In the 87th minute, he had just two shots.


(12) Casemiro: 7/10

Casemiro entered the pitch in the 59th minute. In the second half, it was no surprise that they gave the team a sense of stability with tight defence and accurate passing.

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(13) Cristiano Ronaldo: 7/10

He came on in the 68th minute and showed his presence by making two shots. Especially the bicycle shot is so perfect that it seems to have been decided. Ronaldo, who plays in the middle, may be a surprisingly effective use.

(14) Fred: #NA

He went to the pitch in the 87th minute to end the match. It did its job.

👿 Match Summary

Leicester, who had no win from the start, had a “loose” intensity to make sense of it, but United were unable to make good use of the space they had throughout the game and to concede an extra goal. In the first half, we connected passes in detail in the final third and came close to the goal, but we only had six shots on goal and only had one big chance. As with the goal scene, attacking vertically and quickly is also the aim of Ten Hag. In terms of the lineup, I think there was an intention to take advantage of the speed by arranging Rashford and Elanga. On the other hand, our commitment to possession is not so strong at the moment. The three consecutive wins against Liverpool, Saints and Leicester have also had a big effect on the improvement of the build-up, and we are trying to avoid holding the ball near our own goal as much as possible and reduce the risk of conceding a goal. This is not the ideal of The Ten Hag, but there is no doubt that they have changed their tactics to the current squad.

In the second half, Leicester went on the offensive. Due to the position change of Dewsbury- holl, ball retention has become more stable and movement has improved. United had a lot of time to pull together and defend, but with the introduction of Casemiro, their defensive intensity has improved. In addition, if you put Ronaldo in, you will also be able to make time to attack. With the introduction of these two players who have been trained in this battle, I think we were able to close out the match well, albeit with a tough content. In the second half, they were below Leicester in possession (40% in the second half) and had only three shots on target, two of them Ronaldo, and were weak in attack. It was similar to the Saints game, and I think it was frustrating for the viewers. Personally, even though I won, I had a feeling of uncertainty (lol). However, when I saw the smiles, relieved expressions and sense of accomplishment of the players at the end of the match, I was reminded once again that it is important to get three points, and I was happy that we were able to continue to fight as a team.

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Three consecutive wins since the opening two consecutive losses. I haven’t reached my expectations yet, but little by little I feel like the puzzle pieces are starting to get addictive. Even if the content is sluggish, it is important now to approach the match with the right attitude and to be able to fight as one, and the result will follow. Whether we can fight tactically remains to be seen.

As a result of this match, United moved up to fifth place. We will face leaders Arsenal in two days.

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The next leg is against Arsenal at Old Trafford. Mon. 5 September Kick-off 0:30.Came on! United!!

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