2022-23 Summer Transfer Information: Shock! Is Ronaldo’s transfer aspiration true!? Fortune telling of cause and destiny!!

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On 2 July, news broke around the world that Ronaldo wanted to move from United.He also did not appear on the day of his return to training on 4 July, and on 8 July the team left for Bangkok, Thailand, for a pre-season tour in Ronaldo’s absence. The delay in Ronaldo’s reunion was attributed to “family reasons”, but transfer reports accelerated with each passing day. There have been rumours of a move to Chelsea, Barça and Napoli.

This time, we will unravel the Ronaldo transfer turmoil that has thrown the club into chaos with reference to The Athletic’s article. Is Ronaldo’s transfer wish true? What could be the cause? How will it end? We will consider it while also including our own ideas.

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'Where is CR7?' – Inside Ronaldo and Manchester United's turbulent and chaotic week
Even by United’s recent standards, it has been a chaotic and turbulent week as Ronaldo’s future has overshadowed all their pre-season plans

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(1) Background of the Ronaldo transfer controversy

On Saturday 2 July, it was reported that Ronaldo had said he would like to leave United and make a transfer if he had the right offer. On Monday, the senior player who played for the national team was due to return to Carrington after a holiday, but Ronaldo’s absence would increase the credibility of the report. According to some reports, Ronaldo is frustrated with not being able to play in the Champions League and is also angry that his salary will be cut by 25% for that. It has also been cited as a reason why United have not been able to navigate well in the transfer market and have doubts about the club’s ambitions due to the lack of reinforcements.

However, the club is said to have confirmed that it is for family reasons (according to one theory his mother’s illness) and that Ronaldo will remain in Portugal for a while. Meanwhile, his agent Jorge Mendes has been in the dark in the transfer market, and it has been confirmed that he had met with Chelsea’s new owner, Todd Boehly, in Portugal a week before reports of Ronaldo’s desire to leave. There are also images of Ronaldo’s Rolls-Royce perched in the parking lot of Portugal’s Torrening facility on Monday afternoon (the link to the transfer is unclear). In Spain, there are reports that Barcelona president João Laporta and Mendes met in Barcelona, and the content of the conversation is said to be about Ronaldo.

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On Saturday and Sunday, when the news broke, there was a lot of optimism that we were just blasting a club that was not worthwhile, but the fact that he didn’t return to the club on Monday changed the atmosphere. There has been a lot of debate in many places, and even within United, it seems that there is no idea when Ronaldo will actually return. Things are getting complicated this week as the prospect of a move to Chelsea and Bayern has been reported with a sense of urgency. On Friday 8 July, the team left for Bangkok for a pre-season tour, but Ronaldo did not appear there either. According to some reports, it is said that they will join from Australia where the second pre-season match will be held, but …

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(2) Three interpretations

There are three main interpretations of the current turmoil. The first is that Ronaldo’s “family circumstances” are the sole cause and nothing has actually happened. To be sure, there is no doubt that “negative” coverage of Ronaldo is a good “bait” for the media. There have been many times in the past when even the smallest things have been exaggerated and treated like big problems. And not making a negative comment about it was a common thing in Ronaldo up until now. However, the timing of his return to the club and the day the news broke. Also, given that things have grown so much and are affecting the new club, Ronaldo should make some sort of comment if a transfer wish is not true. Even if your mother’s illness is real, it is hard to believe that it is the only cause.

The second theory is that they are “blasting the club.” As of July 10, Tyrell Malasia is the only new United signing. The acquisition of Frenkie de Jong, a top target, has reached a dead end, and players close to acquisition, such as Eriksen and Lisandro Martinez, have yet to make progress. They may have lost Liverpool transfer Darwin Núñez and Ajax defender Julian Timber before that. With rivals such as Liverpool and City steadily bolstering their squad, and just as Rio Ferdinand sympathized with Ronaldo, it’s entirely possible that Ronaldo is worried about the devastation in the transfer market. Ronaldo himself has no intention of transferring, but if this continues, he will struggle in the new season. It’s going to be tough for Ronaldo in the final years of his career.

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The third is the reported theory that he “wants to leave United.” There is also a second theory at the root of this, but there is a difference that the target is “leaving United”. According to some reports, United will not be retained by Ronaldo and will allow him to transfer. United are said to have set the selling price at £15m for Ronaldo, whose contract remains until the end of June 2023. With Chelsea, Napoli and Barcelona emerging as potential transfer targets, the club’s intention is to “get out of the turmoil as soon as possible in order to fully start building a new team” and are reportedly ready to negotiate once an official offer arrives. While United’s side say Ronaldo is not up for sale, there are also whispers that they have changed their moves in the transfer market to acquire new forwards, including Leipzig’s Brian Blebbby and Paulo Dybala (free).

(3) The existence of Ronaldo

At the beginning of June, Ronaldo claimed to be “very happy” at Old Trafford and said he was “excited” that ten Haag had been appointed as the new manager and was determined to “win the trophy in the new season”. If his desire to leave is true, where did Ronaldo’s change of heart come from in the month since then? I don’t think the 25% pay cut is a direct cause, but it could be due to the club’s ambitions, as the second theory suggests, that the desire to play in the CL increased during the holidays. But then Ronaldo’s way of doing things is completely wrong. Because the players are no more than the club. If he does it this way, Ronaldo himself could end up with the same locker room chaos as he did last season. Not to mention the season with a new coach. One of the leaders, Ronaldo, needs to take the initiative to help Ten Hag. Ronaldo would know. From that, it seems most likely that he is not just putting pressure on the club, but also wants to leave

Ronaldo returned to his old club last season to win the title. He scored a total of 24 goals, but the team collapsed. It was one of the worst seasons of all time. Despite his performance, Ronaldo was said to have contributed to the team’s imbalance collapse. Even with the current transfer spree, some people see last season’s events as tailing off. It has also been pointed out that Ronaldo’s strong personality, fierce ambition and desire to win are putting some pressure on some young players. Personally, I think the turmoil of last season has a lot to do with a lot of factors and it’s impossible to narrow it down to one, but according to The Athletic, some players feel “liberated” by Ronaldo’s absence and are confident that they will be able to express themselves better without him.

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Ten Hag’s style also shows that Ronaldo is not an integral part of his squad and that he can build a team without him. Ronaldo, who has a strong personality both as a player and as an individual, has a great deal of influence on the team, for better or for worse. It is certain that it was one of the problems that plagued both Solskjaer and Rangnick last season. We cannot rule out the possibility that something similar will happen under the new Ten Hague coach. Probably, but reality has yet to arrive at the United image that Ronaldo seeks. It’s not that Ronaldo is bad, but I feel that United is no longer a club big enough to handle Ronaldo.

(4) Landing point

I can’t say for sure where the truth is at the moment, but what I can say for sure is that the club need to talk to Ronaldo face to face as soon as possible. What is currently being reported is a mixture of truth and falsehood, but that is the only way to respond without being swayed by it. Not to mention that the team is on a pre-season tour, and it’s an important time to try a lot of new things. Noise doesn’t have a positive impact on the team. For that reason, Ronaldo’s problems should be cleared up as soon as possible.

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If Ronaldo really wants to transfer, the question is, “Which team are you going to transfer?” Chelsea are rumored to want new owner Burley to acquire Ronaldo as a centerpiece, but manager Tuchel is said to be refusing. Bayern chief executive Oliver Kahn has denied it, saying: “He’s a great player, but he doesn’t fit his philosophy”. It is also questionable whether Napoli, who are seen as a strong contender along with Chelsea, will be able to pay Ronaldo’s salary. Paris is also an option, with Mendes reportedly in touch with Paris SD Luis Campos, but there doesn’t seem to be any concrete movement at the time.

As you can see, it is difficult to find a place to accept even if you actually want to transfer. Probably not going to be decided right away… However, it is United who cannot prolong the problem now. Personally, I expect Ronaldo to continue playing for United in the 22-23 season, but at the moment I don’t know if he will be happy to stay with United or if he will be forced to push back his transfer wishes… However, I probably want to transfer, so if the right offer comes early, I will leave. Ronaldo is a club legend because of his achievements at United so far, but depending on how he leaves, it could tarnish that achievement. If possible, that’s what I’d like you to avoid…. In any case, Ronaldo is no longer an inexperienced young man. At the age of 37, he is one of the leading players in football, so he should act responsibly.

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